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At BAGSHAW CONSULTING GROUP, we believe in the enduring power of the human spirit. Our objective is to help individuals and organizations nurture it and empower it. We bring together a depth of experience in both the Personal Development and Corporate L&D modalities to help individuals and organizations develop the essential skills and tools to thrive is a fast-paced and disruptive world.

Darren Bagshaw                                                               

Trainer/ Facilitator / Speaker / Coach

Over the past 25 years, Darren has focused on developing resilient, emotionally intelligent leaders that build high performing, resilient, emotionally intelligent teams. Valued for his ability to link business objectives to training outcomes, Darren has worked with leading corporations around the world at all organizational levels.

During his career, Darren has worked with and shared the stage with industry-leading thought leaders and coaches such as Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Phil. With such clients as American Express, Abbott Laboratories, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank, Westpac Bank, and AltaGas, Darren has designed, developed, and delivered national training and coaching initiatives He has also facilitated off-sites, strategy sessions, and experiential team building programs for corporate leadership teams. He is also the author of the book Service for the Inside-Out and the producer and writer of the training video, The Making of Absolute Certainty

In 2011, Darren was diagnosed with late-stage chronic Lyme disease. His continuing journey back to health helped deepen his understanding of the importance of resilience, clarity, and purpose and that Leadership indeed does come from the Inside-Out.

Darren is very grateful to have citizenship in two amazing countries, Canada and Australia. He and his family had the wonderful experience of living in Sydney Australia for 8 years. He is happy to once again be living in Calgary along with his wife Lipi, their growing family of 3 adult children plus a son in law and daughter in law. 

Lipi Bagshaw                                                               

Trainer/ Facilitator / Speaker / Coach 

Over the past 25 years, Lipi has had the rare privilege to be trained, mentored and coached by some of the world’s leading coaches and thought leaders, including Anthony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. Her unique combination of formal and informal education, corporate experience from holding senior leadership positions, experience as an entrepreneur, depth and diversity of her professional and personal life experiences, delivers consistent and superior results to her clients. She is a highly seasoned facilitator, coach, and speaker.

Lipi is a stage 3 breast cancer survivor and believes her experience has transformed her coaching skills.  She now focuses on the relationship between mindfulness, employee engagement, innovative solutions, change resilience, well-being, and leadership. She brings a deep level of wisdom, compassion and practical application required to help people and organizations overcome the current challenges of the 21st century and ultimately thrive.

Lipi has passionately dedicated over 25 years to continue her education and self-development. She is now a certified KonMari Consultant and delivers presentations on how creating an environment (at home and work) that “sparks joy” leads to less stress and healing from illness.

Lipi is very grateful to have citizenship in two amazing countries, Canada and Australia. She currently lives in Calgary with her husband of 24 years and their growing family.

Strategic Partnership


  • REZILIUM is a strategic leadership development firm specializing in linking personal growth to organizational results
  • We help individuals, teams, and organizations to create and sustain high performance over the long term by focussing on congruency of purpose
  • Our belief is that outstanding results occur when individuals are inspired by who they become in achieving their goals and not just by targets.
  • We believe long term sustainable results occur when people are inspired and resilient where they take responsibility for leading themselves, their teams, their organizations and ultimately their communities


Kamal Sarma is a leading expert on resilience and human connection, with a particular focus on creating resilient leaders so that they can go on to create resilient organizations.

Kamal is the CEO of Rezilium, a strategic leadership development firm specializing in the wealth management industry.

Kamal Sarma has had a unique background of training as a monk for six years in India, as well as pursuing a corporate career. Kamal has held senior executive positions in organizations including McKinsey & Company, Eli Lilly and AMP Capital Investors. Kamal has also been the co-founder of two venture capital businesses in the IT and biotech sectors.

Kamal, in his role as director of Rezilium, has conducted leadership programs for a number of top-tier organizations such as Google, Facebook, T Rowe Price, Bank of New York Mellon, Reserve Bank of Australia, PwC, Ernst and Young, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, and ING Global.

Kamal is author of the international bestseller Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity – How to Develop the Focus of a Warrior and the Peace of a Monk. He speaks globally on resilience and leadership. Kamal’s book The Leadership Leap: (UN) Learning How to Lead was featured on Google Talks.

In addition to his corporate work, Kamal is a co-founder of the Institute for Mental Resilience, an organization that, amongst other activities, supports rescuing young children from sex slavery in India, Nepal, and Cambodia. He was recognized for his peace work between the Chinese and Tibetans in 2008.

He is currently the Chairman of RUOK’s Think Tank and is about to release his new book, The Art of WinWin Conversations.

Partial Client List:

The Bank of Nova Scotia, The Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC, The Bank of Montreal, Westpac/BT, St George Bank, MLC, American Express, Macquarie Bank, Allianz, ING, Mellon, Vero, Telstra, Phillips, Abbott Vascular, Downer EDI, Philips, ALSCO, Becton Dickinson, Cancer Council of Australia, Clayton Utes, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Woolworths, KCI, Novartis, Masterpet, Unilever, Stockland, LJ Hooker, Remax, Ray White, Thales/ADI, The Calgary Sun

Sample Client Engagements

Through-Out the Organization

Darren was the lead facilitator for a very successful engagement with one of the big 4 financial services organization in Australia. He was also intimately involved in the design and development of these programs.

  • Wealth Management: The hugely successful  Leadership in Action program became the organization’s staple leadership development program. The core focus was on helping managers to become better leaders.
  • Institutional Bank: Business Acumen / Key Account Management program delivered tangible results for both new and seasoned Account Managers
  • Retail Bank: Inspirational Leadership program was the core program in the induction program for the new  “Bank Managers”. Help to make a very successful transition as the bank moved to a more community focus
  • Private Bank: A customized leadership/account management program was considered to be the “best” training the team of senior Relationship Directors had ever received
  • Off-sites: Other areas of the organization called on Darren’s services to facilitate highly successful off-sites and team-building experiences, including Corporate Counsel, Equities and Margin Lending

Highly Successful Product Launch

Client: Global Medical Device Company – Australia Region

Challenge: Launch of a new product into a highly competitive surgical device market

Solution: Initial Sales Skills workshop to refine core selling and influence skills. Focus on sales rep/doctor conversations and creating buy-in with limited face time. Ongoing follow-up workshops.

Result: Highly successful launch with sales exceeding projections

From #5 to #1

Client: One of the Big 5 Canadian Banks

Challenge: Turnaround. Client found itself ranked 5th in Service Delivery in crucial and highly retirement Market

Solution: Initial Personal Leadership Training for Management Team. 2-day focus on creating a climate that would support the branch network to deliver outstanding service. Then a 1-day workshop delivered in the 5 regions that incorporated all branch staff.

A customized Audio support program was created to assist Branch managers in creating the desired behavioral shifts.

Result: Moved from #6 in Service ranking to #2 in the next quarterly survey and then to #1 in annual ranking. Market share and share of wallet also grew significantly

Increased Market Share

Client: Global Engineering Firm – Australia / New Zealand 

Challenge: Securing major infrastructure projects

Solution: Strategic Account Management workshops for all account managers and account teams. Additional workshops that worked specifically on developing specific plans for targeted clients including the creation and preparation of pitch presentations.

Result: Acquired significant new business projects and increased market share from 30% to 70% 

Personal Leadership and Service from the Inside-Out

Client: National Financial Services (Canada),

Challenge: National Sales & Service Initiative. Bank taking on a more pro-active approach to selling their products and services whilst increasing levels of service. The greatest obstacle was in creating a mindset shift in the branch managers as they were experiencing a significant change in their roles. They also required additional skills so they could lead the branch staff with excitement and enthusiasm for the new direction.

Solution: Personal Leadership and Service from the Inside-Out training for all Branch managers (in English speaking Canada) across the country. Focus on embracing and thriving challenge and change and creating a Service Climate. Programs were delivered in a combination of Conference and traditional training settings. Several regions put entire branch staff through the training plus several groups at a National Corporate level were trained. Follow-up training with the management team and key personnel in addition to the Audio program for all staff.

The Making of Absolute Certainty: Embracing and Thriving on Challenge and Change DVD was created to support the Branch network.

Result: Overall success of the Sales & Service initiative with key markets such as metro Toronto making considerable gains in market share and share of wallet as well as staff engagement scores as Personal Leadership and Service from the Inside-Out was embraced.