If not, they need to be.

Disruption seems to be everywhere.  It can be intentional or accidental. Caused by you or forced upon you. It can be an innovation that catapults your organization to a leadership role in your industry or it could be a trip to the doctors office to receive some challenging news. It can happen to anyone at any time. To your business or to your personal life. It can impact you or someone close too you. It can create innovation and opportunity or it can lead to chaos and uncertainty.

Recent studies indicate stress, anxiety and chronic illness are at an all time high. This leads to absenteeism, lost productivity and missed opportunities. Disruption and an increasingly fast paced world are two of the key factors creating these issues.

We believe in the enduring power of the human spirit. Our objective is to helps individuals and organizations nurture it and empower it. We bring together a depth of experience in both the Personal Development and Corporate L&D modalities to help individuals and organizations develop the essential skills and tools to thrive is a fast paced and disruptive world.