Training & Facilitation


Training & Facilitation

Deadlines, client issues and/or personal crises are just a few of the reasons why most people are not giving their full attention to the training session they are in. If their attention isn’t in the room it’s nearly impossible to achieve your objectives. One of our key strengths is the ability to create buy-in to the session and build a climate that helps to optimize the training outcome. 

We have extensive experience in both the corporate and personal development training industries. Through this experience, and seeking out industry leaders to learn from, we have developed a keen understanding of how to optimize training/facilitation outcomes. One of these keys is gaining a clear understanding of what the outcomes are for the session/initiative and then ensure we achieve these outcomes and not just merely cover content.  

25 years of experience in 10 countries around the world. Training, facilitation and speaking engagements to a wide variety of industries across all organizational levels. C-suite, sales, service, front-line, back-room, lawyers, engineers, doctors, and many others. Design, development, and delivery.


Training: Design and deliver interactive, experiential workshops that inspire and engage.  A focus on creating the right “climate” for learning and gaining buy-in for both the material and for the training initiative itself.  Extensive experience in the areas of Leadership Development and Personal Leadership skills. Other areas include Strategic Influence, Teambuilding, and Sales

Facilitation:  Facilitate meetings and off-sites for visioning, strategic planning, strategic account strategies, customer service improvement, performance management, team building. Help organizations align with their values, clarify goals, and identify obstacles to change.

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