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The Leadership Response

Leading from the Inside-Out

People follow passion, vision, and certainty. They don’t follow someone because “manager” is written on their business card. The question is “why should someone follow me?”. Are you thinking and acting like a leader?  Do people willingly want to follow you? 

Most people take anywhere from 3-8 years or more to get their degree/training to get the “job”, or in other words, become a practitioner in their industry. With hard work and skill, they may be promoted to manager and perhaps get a year or two of management training. If they are a successful manager they may get that coveted leadership role. However, how much leadership training do people typically get? More often than not, very limited. It is estimated that we have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, and 95% are habitual thoughts, or at the very least based on habitual ways of thinking. So the question becomes, when your leaders are faced with a challenge are they having a Practitioner response, a Management response, or do they have a Leadership Response?

So whether you have a team of first-time managers or a seasoned leadership team facing new challenges, The Leadership Response is designed to help your team develop the essential skills for leading to the next level.

Key takeaways include:

  • The Leadership Response formula
  • Core Personal Climate Skills
  • Are you asking the right question?
  • Grounded Optimism is a choice
  • Creating Outcome Optimization Strategies

This program is available as a 45-minute presentation or customized 1/2 and full-day workshops. It can also be adapted to a multi-day format.


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