Disruptive Resilience

The Art of Personal & Organizational Resilience

We live in an age of disruption. Disruptive Innovation has become the go-to strategy. Politics, national and global, can bring disruption into our lives on almost a daily basis. The speed of life continues to increase and employees often reach a point where they are overwhelmed, stressed and mentally exhausted.  All of these things create disruption in our organizations and our lives. Chronic disease and mental illness are all at an all-time high, costing the economy billions of dollars per year in lost productivity.

This program is designed specially to teach the skills and tools needed to thrive in a disruptive world.

Key takeaways include:

  • Core beliefs for being Resilient in the face of disruption
  • How to create a Resilient Personal Climate 
  • The impact of Personal Climate on Team Climate 
  • Tools for developing a Resilient Team Climate
  • Are you working on the right problem? Are you asking the right questions?
  • Maintain credibility in a fluid environment
  • Certainty in ambiguity

This program is available as a 45-minute presentation or customized 1/2 and full-day workshops. It can also be adapted to a multi-day format.