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Creating & Sustaining Buy-In

Whether it’s the launch of a new initiative or a sales pitch to a key account, most people have had the experience of walking out of the room thinking, “Yes, we got it!”.  Most of us have also had the experience of that deal fall through or the initiative falls flat because we either didn’t have buy-in, to begin with, or we lost it somewhere along the way. Outstanding leaders, salespeople, and influences all understand one essential truth,

Buy-in is not just an event, it’s a process! 

Creating and Sustaining Buy-In: Essential Skills for Professionals teaches the core skills needed to understand what buy-in is, and what it isn’t. How to get, and how to recognize when you don’t it. How can you still get people to take action even if you don’t have buy-in and what are the opportunities when some are actually hostile towards our idea.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the difference between Acceptance, Support, and Buy-In
  • Learn how to identify what kind of “buy-in” strategy they have
  • What are key Buy-in boosters
  • What impact does Personal Climate have on Buy-In
  • How to sustain and maintain buy-in
  • How to use hostility to your advantage

This program is available as a 45-minute presentation or 1/2 and full-day workshops.

It is also a great framework to build specific presentations around. We will work with you to identify key buy-in opportunities and well as obstacles to creating buy-in and then build a strategy accordingly.


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