We have two areas of coaching specialization.

Leadership Development

The focus is to work with senior and emerging leaders to develop their leadership skills. Most leaders are strong practitioners and perhaps even very good managers, but most have never had the opportunity to develop and really fine-tune their leadership skills.

  • Are you asking the right questions? Act as a “thinking partner” to ensure you have correctly identified the obstacles/challenges/opportunities
  • Create a Solution-focused orientation.
  • Introduce new ideas and approaches as appropriate
  • Establish action / implementation plans. These sessions can either be used proactively or in response to performance reviews/feedback reports

Our approach is equally effective for proactive development as well as a tool to improve skills based on performance reviews/feedback.


Presentation Skills

Impact & Influence from the Front of the Room

Essential skills and tools for delivering captivating presentations for senior executives

These sessions can be used as a stand-alone coaching program or in conjunction with our Impact & Influence workshop.

  • Establish a base-line for your current skillset
  • Learn the core organizing principles of effective presentations
  • How to get participants buy-in
  • Create content that sticks
  • Presence: How to use YOU for maximum impact
  • How to focus on achieving outcomes, not just covering content

The typical engagement is for five 60 minute sessions. However, we can also work with you on a shorter engagement to fine-tune an upcoming presentation.

Please contact us for more information.